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ODIYIFO Fine Art Online.

This is the story of Odiyifo Fine Art ( OFA ), the new definition of art. Connecting people with art they love is what we’re all about. The word “art” is right there in our name. Your walls are waiting. We can match you up with art you’ll love, help create a home gallery, and even provide assistance getting it on the wall.

Identity || love

We are who we are || Endless loving chest of a mother

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  • black beauty

    we never forget our culture

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  • Mother and Child

    The love of a mother is endless

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  • Dipo (puberty rite)

    the pride of african woman showcased

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  • my village

    we never forget where we come from

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Nambu kofi Evans is my name and have been known by many names but the one which i most commonly associate is ODIYIFO. 19 DECEMBER 1986 is my of birth, live in kumasi and i paint for a living

I usually get inspired by nature and when i visit promages activities, sometimes a visual incentive, an emotion that become feeling that I want to revive on canvas.